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How To Stop Falling Into The Dreaded Friend Zone

By May 24, 2015Dating Tips


Nobody likes being friend zoned and nobody likes putting anyone in that situation. While not completely inevitable, it is possible to pull yourself out of the friend zone before you become too emotionally invested in someone, only to realize that they don’t want you back. Here are the top 5 reasons why you’re still in the friend zone and ways to avoid it.

Reason #1: You’re Not The One

While this can be heartbreaking to hear, it’s usually the reason why many of us are friend zoned from time to time. In order to avoid this, feel around your love interest a little and ask who they are interested in. Chances are, if they’re into someone, they’ll tell you. If that’s the case, the best thing to do is just to walk away and let them sort out their feelings/situation first before making a move. In the meantime, scope out other potential partners.

Reason #2: You Were A Possibility, But They Moved On

If you’ve been dropping obvious hints like crazy that you want to take your acquaintance or friendship to the next level, chances are, they contemplated the thought of being with you. While they may have played hard to get at first, it’s possible that they’ve moved on from the idea of being with you. In order to avoid waiting around for an answer next time, just ask them straight out how they feel about you. Putting the pressure on them will make them realize how they truly feel about you and if this person truly is a friend, they wouldn’t keep you waiting in the friend zone for too long.

Reason #3: You’re Too Clingy

Everyone likes being chased around; it’s human nature. Perhaps you need to pull back a little if you’re putting into much effort to gain their affection. Love shouldn’t be too hard to fall into; the harder thing is getting to know if they want you back or not. Lay off your love interest a little, but don’t ice them out completely. This may force them to finally make a move on you! If they do go after you, all is well! If not, then take it as a sign that you should move on.

Reason #4: You’re Trying Too Hard To Force The Romance

Try approaching the potential relationship from a friendship point of view; if they haven’t made up their mind yet about whether they want to be with you or not, just try being a friend. Instead of bringing on the whole whirlwind of romance, do regular things with them such as: going grocery shopping, a walk in the park, hanging out with mutual friends. If your love interest has had their heart broken many times, they often adopt an attitude towards big romantic gestures. Sometimes, all people want to know is if they can be with someone during regular routines and still feel accepted and loved. It’s as simple as that. So try being the friend and if it still doesn’t convince them otherwise, then move on.

Reason #5: Your Touch Is Too Friendly

We don’t mean getting too hands-on and touchy-feely with them. It may be that your touch isn’t sensual with them and that`s why they feel like your connection is just on a friendship level. Try touching them more in a meaningful and natural way, like the way you would if you were their partner. That might help set off those sparks you wanted between the two of you. A word of caution, however, is to refrain from overdoing the sensual touch. Gauge their response to your touch and if they seem wary and uncomfortable, then back off.


In the end, you can`t force someone to feel something for you. If it`s meant to be, then falling in love will just happen easily. If you find yourself getting frustrated at the friend zone, take a step back and pause. There`s a reason that everyone doesn`t fall in love just anyone they meet. Those special connections are reserved for that one person you know you can comfortably be with. The friend zone is merely a tool to help you until you find the right person to be with.

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