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5 Times You Shouldn’t Say “I Love You”


We’ve all done it; said those 3 big words at the most inconvenient and most inappropriate time. Are you aware of the other situations you shouldn’t say “I love you” though? QuestChat breaks down the 5 times you shouldn’t be uttering “I love you” to your partner.

To get them into bed

One of the worst situations where you say “I love you” would be to get someone to sleep with you. Playing with someone’s feelings is a big no no and you wouldn’t want to earn the reputation of being a player.

Exception: If you actually do love them and want to let them know that you’re not just with them for sex or the physical stuff, then it’s appropriate to say “I love you.”


When you don’t really mean it

Some mistake lust and infatuation for love and that’s normal. However, taking that big step and saying “I love you” is one of those things you can’t backtrack on. It’s fine to make this mistake because we won’t know what love is unless we have a prior experience to compare it to. However, if you keep making this mistake over and over again, take a step back to gain some perspective. Are you in a relationship because you genuinely like the person or are you in love with the idea of love?


When they say it and you say it back, but you don’t really mean it

This is also a common mistake in early budding relationships. Not everyone falls for each other at the same rate and oftentimes one doesn’t fall for the other at all. In this situation, you may feel pressured to say “I love you” back when really you don’t mean it. The best course of action to take, no matter how awkward it may get, is to just let the person know how you feel truthfully. Depending on your level of attraction to them, you can say something along the lines of, “I really like you, I’m just not ready for that step yet” or “I want to feel that way about you, but I think I just need more time.” If your partner truly cares for you, they will understand. It may hurt, so reassure them that you enjoy your company. In a situation where you actually don’t feel anything romantically towards them, be honest about that too. There’s nothing wrong with being honest especially if you’re not leading them on with false hope.


In public on a billboard

Okay maybe this is a little far fetched. While public declarations of love may go surprisingly well in movies, don’t forget that there are many of those that go bad as well. Unless you are absolutely fine with the possibility of getting shut down and embarrassing both yourself and your partner, don’t splurge for a public display of affection. The first declaration of love is better off as an intimate exchange between the two of you.


On the first date

Sometimes our feelings get a little too carried away but on a first date, saying “I love you” is probably going to be the end before it even begins. Refrain from doing so and establish a solid foundation of your feelings before delving into these words.

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