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Blog: What Women Seek in Men


Being the man of every woman’s dreams isn’t possible, but exposing a few qualities that almost all women love can definitely make things easier when you enter into the dating scene. It’s important that you are yourself (ladies want someone who is honest and real), but should you need a couple pointers on what women seek in men, read on:

She wants a level-headed adult. Guys that are quick to anger, easily frustrated, or living in a state of constant chaos need not apply. Most women want to feel like they can rely on their man for help if/when they need it, and it’s pretty tough to rely on someone who never has their crap together. Before you go dating anybody (or even thinking about it) make sure your life and emotional state are actually ready for the jump.

Don’t be afraid of affection! Nobody is saying that you got to get comfy with PDA (in fact a lot of women HATE that), but you shouldn’t be afraid to show your gal how much you love her. Hold her hand when you walk down the street, give her a kiss while you make dinner together, welcome her home with a smile and a bear hug – make that woman feel wanted.

It may be trite, but pretty much all women seeking men look for someone with a fun sense of humour. Figure out how to make her laugh, but also how to take a joke, as this can be incredibly telling about how easy-going your personality is (which is another quality women find attractive).

Speak your mind and challenge her every once in a while! No one wants someone that just agrees with every single thing they say – that can get so boring, so fast. Women love men that have their own opinions and know how to express them in a respectful way. A little challenging can really turn up the passion factor (but if it’s on the topic of who takes out the garbage then forget this quality entirely).

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