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Why Valentine’s Day Isn’t Just For Couples

By January 19, 2015Dating Tips

Your Friends

They’re there for you through thick and thin; they’ve seen you at your best, and they’ve seen you through your worst breakup. What better way to spend Valentine’s Day than with those who are your second family? Friends are the first people we meet outside our family and besides a guaranteed good time, there’ll be no pressure for you to dress up all fancy or wax your legs for that night out with your friends! You know you can be yourself around them and that’s a pretty great way to spend Valentine’s Day, if you ask us.

Your Family

Unfortunately, they won’t be around forever, so take extra advantage of this Valentine’s Day to send your parents, siblings, and any relatives you’re fond of, a flower, a card, or heck, make it a family extravaganza and invite them over for dinner! These are the people who love you unconditionally and still love you after all the years of not having a clean room. They raised you, fed you, clothed you, and even taught you things about life that school couldn’t teach you. Not only will your bond grow stronger, but they’ll appreciate the love that you’re spreading!

The Couples

Couples… you just can’t escape them! So why not revel in the happiness of their love? Of course, you don’t want to third wheel on their Valentine’s Day date, but send a card to remind them that their love is inspiring to look at and it’ll give them a reminder of how much of a positive influence their love can be on each other.

That Special Someone You’ve Had Your Eye On

So you may not be totally exclusive with them…yet! But if you take the extra time to send them a little something special, they’ll definitely have you on their mind for days! Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be about finding the perfect date to spend it with, it’s about spreading love…romantic and non-romantic! When it comes to your special someone, they might just ask you out for a post-Valentine’s Day dinner, which means score!

Most Importantly, Love Yourself

Many people forget that they should love themselves before they can start loving others. It’s saddening to see people put so much pressure on the Valentine’s Day holiday because of their lack of a partner to spend it with. However, one should keep in mind, that Valentine’s Day is about spreading love and joy to others. Although it is something we should be doing every year, spreading the love becomes easier as you learn to love yourself more.

So treat yourself this Valentine’s Day. Get yourself your favourite chocolates, buy a bouquet of flowers you know you’ll absolutely love… and that spa getaway you’ve been meaning to get around to? Why not? You deserve it!

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