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Blog: Trying to Meet Women at the Bar? Good luck.

By March 5, 2014Dating Tips

blog-meetwomenFinding the woman of your dreams is no easy task, but trying to make it happen in a bar that smells like desperation and old beer is basically impossible. It might seem like the only places to meet someone of the opposite sex are at the club or in the gym, but if you really think about it, they’re actually some of the worst!

Bars are often really loud which means a good conversation isn’t that likely, and they’re super crowded with a bunch of dudes all after the same women. It’s also pretty safe to assume that your usual game won’t work here, as most ladies don’t imagine Prince Charming as the guy buying them tequila shots. A cheap vodka soda doesn’t count either, sorry.

What about the ol’ pick her up at the gym move? It’s probably not your best bet. Look, chicks don’t want to get asked out while they’re in the middle of a squats session, they actually just want to do their squats. Trying to meet women while they’re catching their breath after running the treadmill feels super forced, kind of awkward and rarely works out the way you want it to.

So, where should you go to meet women? First and foremost, ask your pals for a hookup with someone they know. Meeting through friends gives you some background info on your dating partner which can be a huge help once you finally get together in person.

You should also try out a singles dancing or cooking class, maybe look into joining a book club (chicks dig dudes who can read), or check out a fun dating service like QuestChat. If you try to test your luck in situations where people feel open and comfortable, it just makes sense that you’ll eventually be successful.

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