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Blog: What the Tone of Your Voice Says About You

Blog-yourvoicesaysSometimes, it isn’t what you say, but how you say it that can make all the difference in a conversation. The tone of your voice can say more than just words, so it’s important when talking (especially if on the phone with someone new) to keep in mind how you sound!

High Pitched

Most people start speaking in a higher pitch when they get excited about something (as if every sentence ends with an exclamation point)! When the tone of your voice goes up, it sounds energetic which signals to the other person on the line that you’re engaged and having fun in the conversation. You don’t need to use this tone throughout an entire chat session, but it’s good to throw it out there every so often.


A low tone that borders on a mumble can signal the complete opposite of engaged, and instead might make the other person you’re speaking with feel uncomfortable. Think about how it sounds to you when someone you’re talking to switches to a low, mumbled tone – it can feel like they are totally disinterested in what you’re saying, right? This sort of tone in your voice can also signal that you’re tired even if you aren’t, so be aware of what your voice says and cut out the mumbles.


This goes both ways – shows the speaker is shy OR sounds a little mysterious/sexy. You definitely want to make sure the other person can hear you so that you’re able to converse normally together, but at the same time the soft tone of your voice may really work in your favour if the call is with a potential date. When talking to someone regarding work however, you definitely want to project in order to sound more confident.


Speak clearly, but not too loudly, as it’s easy for someone to feel like you are using an aggressive tone of voice. It can be a total turnoff in a phone chat scenario as well as on a business call, so dial it back in volume and in the overall tone for supreme success!

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