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5 Texting Habits That Are A Turn Off

By February 14, 2015Dating Tips

“K” or something along those lines

One word text responses are a major turn off. Whether you’re texting your friend or your significant other, texts that contain just one word show disinterest and just general laziness. Sure, there are certain situations where one word responses are essential, but don’t make it a habit.

Too many emojis

Using too many emojis can be a texting turn off because it can make your texting buddies interpret you as someone who can’t quite express themselves in a clear and concise manner. This is by far one of the most important texting habits for you to rid yourself of.

Ignoring texts

Sure, there are a couple people on your contact list you’d prefer not to talk to, but it’s still a turn off if you don’t respond to someone’s text. Texting already gives you the freedom to say what you want without having to say it to someone’s face. It’s better to establish your connection with someone than to ignore them completely. If the person you’ve been dating has been texting you, but you’re just not into them as much as you thought you were, give them the courtesy of letting them know how you feel.

Sending way too many follow-up texts

We get that they haven’t been texting you back for a while and even though we just said that ignoring texts aren’t a good texting habit to have, sending too many texts in a row isn’t a pretty habit either. Unless your texting buddy is okay with getting a lot of messages from you in a row, don’t do it. You come off as desperate and needy.

Arguing over text message

Furious fingers can’t text fast enough to get through an effective argument. That’s why it’s essential that you learn how to argue face-to-face. Text message arguments get lost in a sea of “caps locked rage rants” and the dreaded autocorrect fails. In addition to reading angry paragraphs, your words will more likely be misinterpreted because your texting buddy can’t read your true emotions.

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