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Is Taking a Break a Good Idea for Your Relationship?

By December 15, 2014Relationship Advice


Well, the short answer: not really. Most who go on a break temporarily do end up breaking up permanently (lots of space can make things weird for people). But if you feel like there’s no other solution to the issues you’re experiencing, then it might be something to consider. Check out our list of scenarios that may require taking a break, and those that just require a good conversation.

When to Break:

Unfaithful – Not all couples permanently break up after someone cheats, but it’s almost always the case that the person cheated on asks for space. Taking a break in this situation might be the only chance you’ve got in saving your relationship, but be sure that your break has guidelines (otherwise things could end up getting really messy).

You’ve Never Been Alone – If you’re the type who has jumped from relationship to relationship without any significant alone time then taking a break is essential. The minute these kinds of thoughts enter your brain, a conversation should be had with your SO to decide on how much time you need by yourself. No one’s saying it will be easy, but it’s worth a shot.

You’re Confused About Feelings – Feel like you’re falling out of love with your man? Can’t see how the future is going to play out? Living everyday in a state of conflicted feelings can ultimately end up destroying your relationship, so in order to salvage what you’ve got – TAKE A BREAK. Sit down with your sweetie and explain that you need time to figure some things out, and then go and actually do it.


When to Stay:

Arguing ALL the Time – Couples fight. Period. But if you’re arguing all of the time then you need to talk! Taking a break won’t solve serious resentment and anger with each other – in fact it will probably end up tearing you even further apart. Talk it all out and resolve your issues because running away from it all will only make it worse.

He’s/She’s Too Needy – Got a partner who craves all of your time? Forget taking a break pal, what you really need to do is create some healthy boundaries in your relationship. Splitting up for a little while isn’t going to solve this problem for you, even if it seems like the easiest way to deal with it.

You’re Having Everyday Troubles – When those crappy couple moments happen (a bad argument, a misunderstanding, etc.) we all wish we could step out for a minute or two. And guess what? You totally can. Need a night apart? Go for it. But anything longer is asking for trouble! Nobody said relationships were easy, so put your big boy pants on and learn to deal.

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