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Blog: How to Start a Conversation With Anyone, Anywhere

By March 10, 2014Dating Tips

How to Start a Conversation with AnyoneMeeting new people is fun, exciting and a big part of life. Once you’ve spotted someone you want to “meet”, however, exactly how do you start a conversation with them without seeming creepy or weird? Well, lucky for you we’ve rounded up our top 3 ways to help you learn how to start a conversation with anyone, anywhere.

1. Smile and Say, “Hey!”

Remember when you were back in kindergarten and all it took was a smile and a greeting and away you went, off to be BFFs for ever and ever? It’s still pretty easy, and not all that different from when you were 5. Flash your potential new friend a smile and say hello!

2. Ask for Advice

People love to feel needed, to feel helpful and to be allowed to express their opinions. So, the next time you’re in a book shop, in line for fast food or doing a little wandering around town – ask someone new for some friendly advice. You’ll be surprised at where your conversation might go. And, worst case scenario, you get a unique perspective on whatever question you choose to ask.

3. Pay Them a Compliment… or Two

Paying someone a compliment is always an effective way to get a response. If nothing else, you’ll get a thank you and the satisfaction of knowing that you made someone feel good. However, it could really turn into a much longer conversation. That hat you said you liked? It was from a trip to Europe last summer and she’s been daydreaming of it ever since!

Do you have any tips for starting a conversation with someone new? Share ’em in the comments!

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