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How Social Media Can Up Your Dating Game

By March 10, 2015Dating Tips


Sharing Is Caring

You can tell a lot about someone’s personality through the posts they share. Retweeting, reblogging or sharing an hilarious parody about “The Dress” debacle can show that you like to keep up with the times and have a certain sense of humor.

What to stay away from: Posts that may be considered offensive to the masses. You can quickly put yourself in hot water with other social media users if you are insensitive about posting certain topics.

Have a Great Profile Picture Of Yourself

A picture’s worth a thousand words and now that you can add captions to most social media profile pictures, you can say even more! Depending on how you want to present yourself, pick a profile picture that reflects the things or people you love! If you’ve always been a family man/woman, upload a profile picture that includes you and your family! If you’re the type who gets excited about the release of the latest book in  the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series, upload a picture of you holding up the latest book looking excited!

What to stay away from: Generic pictures of cars or cats. No one wants to see those when they’re checking out your social media profiles. Make sure your face is actually in the picture.

Join Fan Pages and Hobby Groups

Joining fan pages and hobby groups on social media platforms are an exceptionally easier way to meet others who you have common interests with. Connecting with anyone on social media is easy, but finding that one person who you’re attracted to and shares the same love you have for anime or sports team is even better.  A bonus advantage to this is if those groups are fond of setting up local group meetings.  It makes introducing yourself to a fellow member less awkward because you’ll already have talking points due to your common interests.

What to stay away from: Joining groups just for the sake of finding someone. If you’re a joining a group you aren’t really interested in, chances are, you might not connect with others as easily. What’s even worse is if you’re pretending to be interested in something you’re not! People like authenticity, so just be you!

Stalk Your Friends’ Other Friends

Admit it, all of us do it at some point! It’s only natural that we get curious about the lives of others. Social media makes it easier for us to learn more about others from a safe distance.

You can spot the players and heart breakers easily and you can sift through potential dating pools a lot quicker. If you happen to find someone really interesting through your friend, ask that friend if they wouldn’t mind introducing you to them. Having a mutual friend dissolves any initial awkwardness that comes with the first introduction

What to stay away from: There’s browsing… and then there’s stalking. It’s always nice to have a little mystery in your romance, so stick to browsing profiles. If you can recall a wall post they made from a year ago about how their dog did back-flips on their trampoline, you’re on stalking grounds.

Appear less on their social media feed

One of the pitfalls of social media is that many people are way too attached to it and it becomes an extra limb for them. Social media is meant to augment your social skills and presence, but it’s not something you should depend on to find your partner. If the person you like is already following you on your social media platforms, give them reason to dig through their friends list to find you and learn more about you. If you’re always posting on social media about every single update you’ve had in your day, you’ll come off as someone who doesn’t have a life outside social media. This might send out a warning signal to your potential partner that if you were with them, you’d probably be glued to your phone or computer all night instead of spending time with them.

What to stay away from: Being too absent on social media that they forget that you even exist. Create a fine balance between posting and living a life outside Facebook and Twitter. Post enough that you appear on your potential date’s news feed, but not so much that they block your posts!


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