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A Question For Men: Should You Pluck Your Eyebrows?

By March 2, 2015Style

Our Verdict: YES and here’s why:

Your Eyes Will Stand Out More

Many say that eyes are the windows to the soul and that your eyebrows are the curtains. How can one stare into the depths of your soul if your curtains are unruly and a ghastly sight to see? Depending on the unruliness and the lack of structural eyebrow shape, you should consider going to an eyebrow specialist to get them shaped and trimmed. The change may be subtle, but it makes such a big impact on the way your eyes shine through. The hottest male celebrities such as Bradley Cooper, David Beckham and Ryan Reynolds all add to their hotness level by taking care of their eyebrows.

Grooming Your Eyebrows Make You Look More Professional

The more well-groomed your eyebrows are, the more professional you’ll come across. Even if you’re having the worst hair day, having perfectly groomed eyebrows will make all the difference. When people are making eye contact with you, they’ll also be noticing little discrepancies in the area surrounding your eyes. If you have eyebrows that are enviably perfect, you’ll be unintentionally giving people a good impression of your professionalism because you took the time to attend to minor details such as your eyebrows!

Pluck Them Especially If You Have A Unibrow

We have nothing against unibrows, for the most part. However, it can be distracting and deter from the overall attractiveness of your face because unibrows, whether thick or thin, overpower the eye area and can leave your eyes lost in a sea of hair.

Which Method Should You Choose?

Whether it’s plucking, trimming, or waxing, men should choose their eyebrow shaping technique according to their comfort level. Many women opt for the waxing technique because it’s easier to shape the eyebrow and quicker than if they were to pluck it. If you’re still unsure of how to go about altering your eyebrows, go ahead and consult an eyebrow specialist! Remember, you won’t be the only male client they see, so don’t be shy to ask questions!


So with that, guys, let us know, should you pluck your eyebrows or not?


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