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Blog: The Secret To Acing the Double Date

By August 20, 2014Dating Tips


Double Dating Dos

Double dating isn’t for everyone, but it’s worth taking the risk. You never know if you and your partner hit it off with another couple or if you and a friend find long life partners with two buddies. To ease the pains and stress of double dating, we’ve created a quick list of ways you can ace the double date.

Pick A Venue That Everyone Wants To Go To

This will take a bit more planning and there will be vetoes, but if everyone’s in an environment doing an activity where they can relax and have fun, this helps the double date go smoother.

Some double date ideas include:

Physical activity, such as rock climbing or tennis
Eating out at a new restaurant
Going to a museum
Attending a concert

Gauge The “Alone Time” Factor

Are you getting along with your date? Is your friend getting along with their date? Couples should give each other some alone time after the initial double date starts to wind down. After all, the point of this is to make it easier on a couple to get to know each other and once you’ve incorporated icebreakers and an awkward joke here and there, it’s time for each couple to see if they really connect

Have A Safe Word

Not all double dates will be successful. If you feel like the date isn’t as swell as you hoped, use a safe word that both you and your friend/partner can use to signify that you’d like to end the date. Have an escape plan and all should go well.

Choose A Couple You Admire

If you’re a couple looking for another couple to go on a double date with, make sure you all have similar interests or are at least friends who like to do the same activities. No point in a couch potato couple going on a double date with a couple who love outdoor activities. We’re not saying never try it, but take heed.

Double dates are supposed to be fun. You can save the experimental dating for your own private dates.

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