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5 Things to Remember When You’re Having a Bad Day

By January 13, 2015Self-Improvement

The next time you find yourself in the middle of a hideously bad day, try to hold on to the fact that the sun will come out tomorrow! But if that positive thought should fail you then we’ve got 5 fun things that are sure to turn your frown upside down… and maybe even make you giggle!

Friends is on Netflix

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few weeks you’ve probably heard the fabulous news that everyone’s favourite syndicated comedy is officially on Netflix. The wait is over. So yes, your bad day totally sucks, but guess who will be there for you?

A Dog Learns to Hula Hoop… from a Toddler

We dare you not to smile while watching this adorable video of a little girl teaching her dog new tricks. DOUBLE DARE.

We’re Getting an All-Chick Ghostbusters Movie

Hollywood is one step closer to making the greatest female ensemble comedy ever! And if that doesn’t excite you, we don’t know what will! Melissa McCarthy, Emma Stone and Kristen Wiig have all been named as potential cast members for the flick.

Buzzfeed Has a List of the 85 Funniest Tweets of All Time

Too lazy to look through Twitter for a chuckle? Buzzfeed has got you covered! Kick the bad day blues away with the very best medicine out there: good ol’ laughter.

No More Thigh-Gap Photoshop Allowed

Urban Outfitters just got told ya’ll! Apparently the British Ad Authority ordered the retailer to remove a specific image that highlighted the “thigh-gap” issue. One more win for the promotion of self-love and healthy body images!


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