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How to Plan a Budget-Friendly Valentine’s Day

Most people would probably agree – Valentine’s Day is overrated! Take back the holiday and make it about celebrating your relationship (instead of getting lost in how much money is spent or what presents you receive). Keep your wallet in check and your relationship satisfied with our smart tips on how to plan a budget-friendly Valentine’s Day! 

Romantic Dinner… at Home

Contrary to popular belief, Valentine’s Day is about more than just a reso at an expensive restaurant! Skip the pricey food (it’s so played out) and instead host a romantic dinner for two at home. You can hit the market together and cook your meal as a team, or you can treat the one you love to a delicious experience created just by you.

Get Outside

Spend this February 14th under the stars with your sweetie – it’s both budget-friendly and incredibly romantic (depending on what activities you have in mind). Hit the ice rink for a little skating and celebrate your romance with some hot chocolate for two. Not a fan of skates? Hit the park with some vino and a blanket instead!

Cocktails and Dessert

A budget-friendly Valentine’s Day date doesn’t have to feel cheap! Choose a great café or cocktail bar that offers a killer dessert menu and make that your destination for the evening. Who doesn’t love a little candlelight and cake? 

Keep It Sexy

Forget making all kinds of plans, just get down to the good stuff and make the day about intimacy! Kick things up a notch with some rose petals on the bed, a little massage oil and maybe even some chocolates for what could end up being the best Valentine’s Day date yet!

Movie Date

Valentine’s Day is about spending time with the one you love, so if your idea of a great date is night at the movies, we say go for it! Budget friendly and always fun, you seriously can’t go wrong with a rom-com and popcorn for two.

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