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Blog: Pick Up Lines That Women Actually Love

By June 18, 2014Dating Tips

blog-goodpickuplinesIt’s no secret that women aren’t huge fans of the cheesy and/or creepy one liners, but there are some pick up lines out there that do work. Next time you’re at the bar try out a few of our suggestions – they might just help you get lucky!

You Look Like Someone I’d Like to Meet

This can play out two ways: smooth or super cheese, but it all depends on how you make your way over to the lady and say it. If you sweetly smile and prepare to introduce yourself while you speak the line, this is one pick up that could end in your favour.

I Saw You Checking Me Out…

Guys who have tried this pick up line will usually make eye contact with the woman they’re going to approach WAY BEFORE getting over to her. A few casual glances and a smile before walking over will help this unpredictable line land as a real winner. Women love being caught off guard by a come-on, automatically you come across as confident and a bit of a challenge!

No Way! I Was Gonna Wear Those Shoes

Pick up lines that work are allowed to be a little cheesy – emphasis on little. Making a girl laugh is the first step in getting her to open up and talk to you, so if you can do it right off the bat with a line like this one you’ll have won half the battle. Obviously this works best when it’s used on a woman wearing stacked high heels (read: so much funnier).

Hi I’m ________, Can I Buy You A Drink?

At the end of the day there is no better pick up line than the one that introduces who you are. You immediately come off as a normal, nice, interested guy, and honestly that’s all any lady is looking for when out at the bar. Telling her your name and asking if she’d like a drink is polite and generous – YOU CAN’T GO WRONG!

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