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Phone Chat Icebreakers for March

By March 14, 2015Phone Chat Lines




Talking to someone new on the phone only gets awkward when the topics run dry, but with these timely icebreakers you’re sure to keep that conversation flowing. Who knew March made for such a happening month?

Talk St. Patty’s Day Plans

An obvious and easy icebreaker in a March phone chat is to ask about St. Patrick’s Day plans! Most people do something to celebrate the 17th so it’s likely that you’ll be able to share what you’ve got going on for the date (and if you’re plan-less this could be a great way to propose getting together).

1st Day of Spring

Talking about the weather isn’t the most exciting topic in the world, but it might have some legs when it comes to chatting about the arrival of spring. You and your phone chat partner can reminisce about how brutal the winter was and then bond over your love for fresh spring sunshine. And don’t forget the topic of “spring cleaning” – maybe you’ve decided to set new career goals, or refresh your love life – those work as awesome conversation starters too!

New Moon/Astrology

The month of March is chalk full of interesting happenings in the world of astrology and astronomy! From the solar eclipse to New Moon appearances, there’s some great icebreaker material for those that are interested in what’s going on with the stars.

March Break Ideas

Deciding to go away for March Break this year? Sounds like an awesome conversation starter to us! Bring up your vacay plans and ask if your phone date has any of their own (this also works as a fantastic topic for those that have kids off school for the holiday).

Daylight Savings Time

Bond with your phone chat partner over the total exhaustion you both feel thanks to setting the clocks forward an hour. Maybe you’re a morning person and you love Daylight Savings Time, or maybe you dread the occurrence every March – either way it’s something to talk about!








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