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What to Do When Your Partner Isn’t Open about Your Relationship

By December 23, 2014Relationship Advice


Got a guy who doesn’t want to announce to the world that he’s dating you? Depending on the situation this could signal a big problem in your relationship, but before you get all worked up check out these tips on how to deal.

Call Him Out

If your man isn’t referring to you as his lady in front of other people that’s not only hurtful, it’s just a huge problem. Is he embarrassed by the relationship? Not ready to no longer be single? Whatever the issue is he needs to be called out on it! Next time he introduces you giggle and say “his girlfriend” – the giggle keeps it sweet, but it also lets him know that HE should have done this in the first place.


Never underestimate the power of conversation! If you think he’s not being open about the relationship then you need to communicate your feelings on the matter. Why sit around wondering what it all means? Find out for sure by bringing it up, and then let him explain what the reasons are behind the secretiveness.

Give Him a Break

Ok, so he didn’t put the relationship status up on Facebook or any other social media for that matter…but is that really a big deal anymore? Lots of people keep their profiles quiet when it comes to their personal lives, not because they’re ashamed or trying to be sneaky, but because they really don’t see it as that important. Don’t live your life for online – if he’s acknowledging the relationship in real like that should be enough.

Play Him at His Own Game

He doesn’t want to be open about your relationship with the rest of the world? Cool. Play the dude at his own game and see what happens! Game playing isn’t always the smartest choice, but when left with limited options, a little bit of masterminding could do just the trick.

Propose a Break Up

A worst-case scenario option, but one that should definitely be considered if your partner isn’t open about your relationship! If you’ve gotten to the point where you’re sick of being his secret, let him know, by ending things once and for all. He’ll get more than a hint that you’re upset and he might just doing something about it. If not – good reddens!


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