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Blog: Parents Hate Your Girlfriend? Here’s How to Deal.

By April 18, 2014Relationship Advice

Blog-parentshateLove your lady, but the ‘rents don’t feel the same? Not completely ideal, but not the end of the world either! First, you need to sit down with your parents and figure out what it is about your girl that they’re not so fond of – maybe she made a bad first impression? Or perhaps they just don’t feel like she’s the right one for you.

Whatever the reasoning is, you need to be clear this is someone you care for deeply, and while you appreciate them looking out for your best interests, at the end of the day the person you date is your decision.

But OK, you’ve told them how you feel and you’ve heard them out too, now what? Well, why not try and give your girlfriend a chance to change their minds? Set up a brunch or lunch with everyone, preferably at a restaurant that your parents love, and then let your sweetie take the credit. She needs all the brownie points in this scenario.

While you’re with them bring up topics that will allow her to really shine – nice things she’s done for you lately, volunteer work she just started, that promotion that just came her way at work – you know, stuff that’s going to definitely win them over.

The goal is to allow your mom and dad the opportunity to really get to know who it is your dating. If you love this woman then that must mean she’s got some super great qualities, and clearly they just haven’t had the chance to see those in action. Make them see!

But should it all fail and it is decided that your parents hate your girlfriend, stay calm. Remind yourself of all the reasons why you’re with your lady and stay true to those feelings. This relationship is yours and as long as you’re happy then it doesn’t matter what other people think – not even if those people happen to be the one’s who raised you.

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