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5 Times You Should Never Doubt Yourself

By January 31, 2015Self-Improvement

It’s easy to stop yourself from doing something before you even try — nagging self-doubt has a funny way of screwing those little moments up. But before you give into that voice in your head telling you “no,” read our list on the 5 instances when it’s truly important to never doubt yourself.

 1. When Asking Someone Out

Of course it can be terrifying asking out a crush, but if you approach it with loads of self-doubt then you’ll never be successful. First, people can feel a lack of confidence (and that’s not sexy), but second, why wouldn’t you ask out someone that you like? Rock what you’ve got, know how worth it you are and take the risk in expressing your feelings. Even if it doesn’t work out, at least you can be proud of yourself for giving it a shot!

 2. When Buying a Ticket to Travel

You should absolutely, positively, never doubt yourself when it comes to wanting more travel experiences! Experts agree that the more you explore the world around you, the richer your life and mind become — and if that doesn’t put away the doubts and make you want to buy a plane ticket, we don’t know what will.

3. When Negotiating a Raise

It can be super nerve-wracking asking for a pay raise at work, but if you feel that you deserve one then chances are you probably do. Allowing yourself to be filled with doubt over whether you’ll get it, or whether you SHOULD get it, will destroy the meeting’s results before you’ve even had a chance to set it up. You’ve got to go for what you want because no one is going to give it to you otherwise.

 4. When Doing Something for the First Time

A surefire way to fail at something is to doubt yourself the first time you do it, so whether it’s driving a car or cooking a meal, never doubt yourself in the first attempt. Go into everything with the attitude that you can do it well and you just might surprise yourself with the outcome.

 5. When Making a Career Switch

Taking risks in life isn’t easy (that’s why most people sit on the couch and never even try), but if you never take a risk you’ll never know what other rewards are out there. Don’t think the career path you’ve chosen is the right one? You know what you want better than anyone, so there should be no reason to doubt your feelings on the matter. Figure out what you want and go for it, that’s what life is all about.


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