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The Top 5 Things You Can Never Change About A Person

By July 17, 2015Dating Tips


Although it takes two people to compromise in a relationship, there are just some things you can never change about a person. Here are the top 5 things you shouldn’t attempt to change about anyone!

Who They Socialize With

If there’s one thing that’s a friendship or relationship killer, it’s attempting to force someone to stop socializing with certain people. Just because you don’t like them doesn’t mean that your friend/partner shouldn’t either.  If it truly bothers you that they spend time with someone you don’t like, let them know, so that you can work out some sort of agreement on how to deal with it.

Their Body

One of the things you can never change about a person is their body. A person’s body belongs to them and them only; trying to change something about them won’t draw happy endings for either party. It’ll just foster a deep resentment. Be happy with your partner’s body! They’ve only got one!

How They Feel 

Trying to change how a person feels about certain things or situation is never a great idea. Another one of the things you can never change about a person, how a person feels is their prerogative. If the two of you happen to have clashing ideals, it’s best to compromise rather than to attempt to have them change their ideals.

The Issues They Have To Deal With

Everyone comes with emotional baggage and this is one of the heaviest things you can never change about a person. All of us come with a past, so what’s the point in trying to pretend it never happened? Some things in our past still haunt us to this day, so instead of trying to sweet your partner’s issues underneath a rug, try to help them out instead or just offer a shoulder to lean on.

What Their Values Are
Values are important to any type of relationship; it helps you differentiate who you could and should spend your time with. However, no two people will have the exact same set of values, so trying to change your partner’s values will probably result in more fights than compromises.


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