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Why All You Need is Love

The Beatles may have been onto something all those years ago because as it turns out love really is all you need! Experts and a variety of medical studies reveal that having love in your life results in a more peaceful state of mind, improved self-esteem and even a longer life.

It Helps You Live Longer

It’s true! Studies have found that those who are in loving relationships actually have a lower death rate than single people. Sorry single people. Love wards off depression and anxiety, which ends up keeping the body healthy, but it also encourages people to adopt safer behaviours.

Improves Your Self-Esteem

Feeling kind of low? There’s no better boost to your self-esteem and confidence than positive comments and reinforcement from a lover. Of course it’s also pretty important to love yourself too as self-love leads to taking better overall care of yourself.

Keeps You at Peace

When you’re in love there’s a feel-good stimulant called dopamine that gets produced in the body. Bliss, optimism and patience are all results of this wonderful little hormone, which goes to further prove that giving and receiving love keeps your mind at peace.

Boosts Your Immune System

Ohio State University did a study on the effects of loneliness on a person’s immune system, and the results were pretty interesting! Apparently those without love in their lives are more likely to experience reactivation of latent viruses (whatever that means), but also produce inflammatory compounds (the stuff that shows up in heart and other chronic diseases).

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