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With the 88th Oscars now behind us, I got thinking about why we love movies so much and why they are so great for date night. I am a big fan of the Academy Awards, always have been. It’s a great chance to see movie actors outside of a role, I love hearing what they say in their speeches, I cry with them, I laugh with them, I envy them and I even pity them, because living your life in the public eye is not easy. Of course most of us would gladly trade places with them, but if I had my picture taken every time I did something silly, dumb or embarrassing….well, let’s just say there’d be a lot of pictures.

I mean A LOT, like enough to wallpaper everyone’s house in my city.

But ‘nuff said about that. I am sure we can all relate to the foibles of celebrity life, which is one of the reasons we love them so much and forgive them their indiscretions. We ARE them and they are us.

They can conjure up a fantasy world that we want to live in and we get to escape into it for a few hours and believe in magic, fairy tales, dragons and most especially love.  Love though real can seem so much better in the movies. It can seem able to surmount any obstacle, even death, like Patrick Swayze in Ghost. Yet in our everyday lives we don’t seem to have as much…er..tenacity let’s say. Movies inspire us to be better people, to stick with love through thick and thin or, as I like to say to my beloved; “through sick and sin”

It is important to choose the right movie for the right date. Especially on your first date. I saw Leaving Las Vegas on a first date and that was a disaster. Violence, nudity and drinking oneself to death do not a romantic picture paint.


A good scary movie is often a great choice as you get cuddled up pretty fast when those frightening moments occur. Just make sure it isn’t too gory. Nothing will put you off your pasta than a gnarly guts n gore scene!  Something like The Others, with Nicole Kidman is a great first  date choice as it’s eerie and creepy with that let’s get closer atmosphere but there’s no gross-outs, nudity or foul language to put you both in that “um I’m kinda ickily uncomfortable” mood.

Don’t choose anything too political or with strong religious themes either. I once had a huge argument with my date after we saw a very controversial film. It was very uncomfortable and I really liked this guy. I guess eventually our personal stands on this issue would’ve come up but I would have preferred we had a longer time to get to know each other first. He was hot!

This year’s Oscar nominees were ripe with conflict and a hotbed of political issues. Of all of them I would say you are safe with Mad Max Fury Road (awesome movie!) and Star Wars; The Force Awakens. Which I really loved but it’s a big debate among die-hard fans.


Comedies are a safe bet, but be sure there isn’t anything too gross or sexual.  Keep it light, myself I loved There’s Something About Mary but the ’hair gel’ scene might be a bit much for some.  I loved Spy, although there is a copious amount of, let’s say ‘digestive issues’, but it is still hilarious.


Sharing a movie with someone makes you feel as if you’ve had an adventure together. It brings you closer together through your personal catch phrases and references. I once fell in love over Sling Blade!

It also gives you a great chance to hold hands in the dark. Sometimes even the bravest among us need a little extra chance to make a move.

Fall in love as often as you can, hold hands every chance you get and go see a movie!

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