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Blog: How to Meet People in a New City

By February 16, 2014Dating Tips

Meet New PeopleMoving to a new city can be intimidating, especially if it’s far away. You’re basically starting out all over again! A new job, new friends and a new neighbourhood to get a handle on. So, how do you meet a new crowd? Read this post for our top 5 tips on how to meet people in a new city!

1. Take up a New Hobby, orĀ  Revive an Old One

Think back to your schoolyard days. Why were you friends with the people you were friends with? Probably because you had two, maybe three, things in common. You were the same age. You went to the same school. You were the same gender. Voila! Automatic friendship.

So, why do we forget how honestly simple it is to meet new people when we’re adults? It’s as easy as chasing what you love and meeting people along the way. For example, take up a photography course. You’ll be surrounded by other people who also love photography and are there to learn, and meet others who share their interest.

2. Try a Phone Chat Line

Call into your local phone chat line to meet tons of local singles. You’ll have a blast having fun conversation. Plus, it’s totally up to you whether or not you want to take the conversation offline and actually meet up. Tons of people use phone chat lines just to get to know others in their area and to boost their confidence levels. You can too!

Practice conversation with a new person on your favourite phone chat line, like QuestChat, to get more comfortable approaching people in real life.

3. Join a Gym and Get Your Butt to Classes

Join your local gym! AND register for a class or two. You’ll start to recognize the same familiar faces each week and are sure to begin forming bonds. Whether you’re looking to meet a hot guy or just want to meet a new gal pal, you’ll definitely find both at the gym.

4. Smile at Strangers

We understand that it feels a little strange to smile or talk to strangers. That’s probably because we’re raised being told to never talk to strangers! Then, we get older, and we realize that every single friend we’ll ever make starts off as a stranger and we have to retrain ourselves to a certain degree.

Practice reaching out to new people by smiling at a few strangers. Whether it’s while you’re walking your dog, on your way to work or anywhere else – just flash your pearly whites and you’ll be on your way to a new connection.

5. Use Your Connections

Have you ever heard of the six degrees of separation? Well, it’s true! You’d be surprised how many people you’re actually connected to through the people you already know. Reach out through your own network of friends and family to see if they might know of anyone you’ really hit it off with – friendship-wise or romance-wise.

Have you ever struggled meeting people in a new city? Leave your story in a comment below!

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