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Make Someone Fall In Love With You Scientifically

By June 27, 2015Dating Tips


That’s science for you! Make someone fall in love with you by using these tricks backed up by science! Eye contact, asking questions, and disclosing secrets are the key to someone’s heart!

The Eyes Say It All

A 1989 study done by Kellerman, Lewis, and Laird showed that making eye contact with a love partner significantly increases your chances of having them fall in love with you. Just gazing into someone’s eyes for two minutes can be enough to trigger passionate feelings towards each other. During the gazing process, your body produces a chemical called phenylethylamine, which fosters feelings mirroring those you feel when you fall in love.

Don’t be flustered if your partner can’t look you in the eyes though! There are just instances when they may feel intimated by you and staring into someone’s eyes may feel uncomfortable! However, if you can make the eye contact connection, it can produce powerful results. Now go make someone fall in love with you!

The Big 36

20 years ago, a psychologist named Arthur Aron succeeded in making two people fall in love in his laboratory. He hypothesized that he could make someone fall in love with you by asking 36 simple questions. These start off as innocent questions that you would find in any daily conversation, but as each set of questions go b, they start to adopt a deeper and more personal aspect to them.

You can make someone fall in love with you through these questions because these are the types of questions that people only intimate with each other would ask and since they get down right to the point, you’re better able to find out quicker if you and your Q&A partner are destined to be more. Additionally, if you find that the two of you share a physical chemistry, couple that with an emotional connection, and you’ve got yourself a love connection!

Don’t Keep Your Secrets

Sharing your secrets with someone can help make someone fall in love with you. The American Sociological Association published a study that showed that if you instill your secrets to someone without any hesitation, this sends signals to your partner that you’re willing to trust them with a deep relationship.

By creating that intimacy with someone, you’re giving them the opportunity to feel welcome in your life. Just be careful not to spill everything on the first date! Revealing tidbits of information over a longer period of time is a better option to make someone fall in love with you. However, if you come off as too mysterious, you run the risk of driving them away.

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