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The Top 5 Things That Make Men More Attractive To Women

By April 26, 2015Dating Tips


There’s nothing sexier in a man than these 5 things! Here’s a breakdown of what makes men more attractive to women:


Men who are oozing with a mature confidence really catches a woman’s eye! If they are confident in the direction they go in without being a braggart or arrogant about it, that’s a great quality for a man to have if they want to attract more women!

A Career

There’s a difference between having a job and having a career. Having a career means you’re passionate about it and it’s something that’s going to be in development for the duration of your working life. Why women find this trait attractive is because a man who has a passion will have many interesting things to bring to the relationship. An individual who can live their own life outside of the relationship and has something that’s truly their own is attractive in any way.

Family Values

Most women are looking for someone to settle down with and maybe eventually start a family of their own. A man who possesses family values and want that sort of path are immediately more attractive to women. This weeds out the other men who aren’t into the idea of “marriage” and “fatherhood.” While lacking the fatherly instinct isn’t a bad thing, there are many women who might be wary of continuing a relationship with you if they’re looking for someone whom they want to have children with.

Healthy Physique

You don’t have to have ripped washboard abs and nice pecs, but having a healthy body and physique is attractive to women because it shows that you can take care of yourself. While some partners are naturally nurturing and don’t mind taking care of others, some are not as patient with their partners in that department. Oftentimes, a woman who is very independent doesn’t want to invest their time in making sure their partner gets enough exercise and healthy food for their body! Showing your partner that you can take care of yourself eases the stress off having to take care of you on a constant basis.


Honesty is something that every partner seeks in a relationship. While we’re all guilty of a few white lies now and then, it’s the deep twisted lies that seriously turn off women. When they catch their man lying about something super duper serious, it breaks the trust and is very hard to repair. So stay honest…stay true…and you won’t have any problems at all!


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