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Blog: How to Know if He’s The One

By April 14, 2014Relationship Advice

blog-hestheoneYou’ve found him! Sure, it may have taken some time to get here, but you finally found the perfect dude for you and life couldn’t feel any better. There’s only a single question that remains, and it’s the biggest one to answer – is he THE guy? Deciphering whether he’s “The One” or just the one for right now can be tough, but there’s a few things to consider that might make answering that ultimate question easier:

Have you met the family?

If you’ve already met mom and dad, the siblings, and even some of the extended members of his family (and he’s met yours) then it’s clear this is a pretty serious relationship. Most people only introduce a significant other to their families if they see the relationship as being solid and important.

Do you talk about the future?

Whether you’re talking about moving in together, that vacation you want to take next year, or marriage, chats about the future are a great sign. Haven’t talked future yet or even touched on it in small ways? He’s probably not the “forever guy”.

Do you share similar values?

Your values don’t have to be completely the same, but you should definitely be on a similar wavelength! If you don’t know whether your values match up ask him. Like right now.

How do you fight?

Every couple gets into arguments, but the way you fight says a lot about the kind of couple you are, and the kind of couple you’ll become in the long run. Is he mean? Does he say derogatory things to you in a fight? DEALBREAKER. If he can be that rude to you now, what happens when you start a family or when other stressors come into the relationship?

Where do you rank on his priority list?

How to know if he’s the one: you should understand where you are on his list of priorities, and it should be obvious based on his actions. If you’re not ranking as high as his family would then chances are this isn’t THE relationship.

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