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Blog: Why I Keep my QuestChat Profile Active – Even When I’m Dating

Why I Keep my QuestChat Profile ActiveThere’s a topic of conversation that always comes up among guys when they get together for a guy’s night out – at what point do you stop “playing the field” and commit to a girl.

It’s a delicate situation, there’s no way around that. In my younger years I was a bit more idealistic and stopped dating multiple girls when I felt like I had a serious connection with a girl. I thought I was doing the right thing, only to find out that I was the one getting burned.

That’s right, on multiple occasions the girls were also dating other guys. So I decided to change things up. I figured that until we had “that talk” I was going to be open game it it’s worked out well for me. Things are more fun. I get to meet new girls. I don’t seem as needy. Etc, etc, etc.

When I leave my Quest profile open I get messages from girls and can quickly check my messages whenever it is convenient for me. It’s like I always have a base of messages and live connection opportunities regardless of where things stand with that girl after we’ve been on a few casual dates.

When I don’t leave my Quest profile up and forget to check my messages it is so much harder to get back into the dating game. I feel like the ability to have interesting phone conversations with women is a skill, and when you don’t practice a skill you lose it. For that very reason I always try to stay on top of my Quest profile regardless of my relationship situation.

And don’t forget that Quest is totally confidential, intimate and safe. So nobody will ever know 😉


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