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Is She Flirting or Just Being Nice? Here’s How to Tell

By June 21, 2015Dating Tips


Is she flirting or just being sweet? It’s a scenario that all men have found themselves in at one time or another, but it’s actually pretty easy to figure out what she’s up to if you just follow the signs. Here’s how to tell exactly what’s going on:

She Makes Physical Contact

From a light touch on your hand to a playful tickling, when a woman makes physical contact with your body, you can be sure she’s flirting. Women know to keep a friendly distance when they’re not feeling someone so that signals don’t get mixed, but if she’s touching you in any way – she’s into you.

A Suggestive Tone

The words might not tell you what she’s getting at, but her tone of voice sure will! Listen for the way she says something to you and you just might be surprised at the suggestive undertone. Friendly is obvious, but if there’s a hint of coy in there then it’s a whole different ball game.

Deep Eye Contact

No woman is going to look deep into your eyes unless she’s flirting with you (and wants you to know it). Eye contact is reserved for lovers and love interests, so if you find yourself getting some sexy looks from a lady consider yourself on the path past friendship.

She’s Only Bantering With You

Sarcastic conversation can sometimes be confused with flirty banter, but it goes past nice and friendly when you’re the only one she’s focused on. If she doesn’t leave your side then she’s into you. Simple. Keep the witty conversation going and you might just score yourself a date!

She Hints At A Date

Well, it doesn’t get any more obvious does it? Listen for the moment when she hints at getting together and if it comes then you know she’s flirting. A woman likely won’t come right out and ask you on a date, but she’ll definitely throw some suggestions out there for you to pick up on if she’s interested in seeing you again.

Her Body Language

If you’re having trouble deciphering whether the woman you’re talking to is flirting or just being nice, observe her body language. Legs crossed in towards you, a little lip bite or touch, subtle playing with her hair – all signs that say she’s into you.

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