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Blog: Inappropriate Topics for a First Date

By August 8, 2014Dating Tips


There are a million little questions that plague us all before a first date – what to wear, where to go, when to steal a kiss, and finally, what to talk about in that initial conversation! Wear something simple, go somewhere fun, and whatever you do avoid these conversation topics for a first date, especially if you’re hoping for a smooch by the end of the night.

Family Issues

Sharing funny family stories or great anecdotes about your childhood are awesome ways to start conversation on a first date! BUT make sure you’re leaving these topics on a positive note because the minute you start ranting and raving about how your brother is always broke, or how Uncle Larry is an alcoholic, is the minute you make things uncomfortable. Be open, but leave the super personal stuff for a date well into the future.


Talking about how amazing (or not amazing) your ex is doesn’t exactly prove to your new date that you’re ready to move on with someone else. Everyone has old relationships, but they don’t need to be the focus of conversation when you’re trying to get to know a date partner!

Your Number

Do not under any circumstances reveal to a first date the number of people you’ve had sex with – EVER. This conversation topic doesn’t come across as honesty – it just seems creepy and kind of desperate. Go ahead and talk about sex if it comes up in a natural way, but don’t force the sharing of sexual encounter stories or you’ll end up going home alone.


Oh, so you love to suck on toes? Great. Don’t bring up that weirdness as a conversation topic for a first date. Should the night take a turn into the bedroom, then by all means inform them of any and all fetishes, but if you’re still sitting at the dinner table when this comes up, just stop. Seriously.

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