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Blog: Phone Dating 101: How to Tell if a Person is Worth the Second Phone Call

Had a great first phone date, but aren’t sure if you should make that second call? Starting a connection over the phone can be tricky for the most seasoned of daters – check these tips for how to tell if a person is worth the second phone call.

They Ask You about YOU

A great phone conversation (or any conversation for that matter) should be all about the give and take. Look for questions being thrown your way about life, your thoughts, your family, etc., after or before your phone partner answers some of his/her own. The back and forth makes for an engaging chat, but also proves that you’re not talking to someone who is totally self-absorbed.

He/She’s Actually Listening

When you’re phone dating you want to be sure that whoever it is your speaking with is actually listening to you! If they bring up something you said earlier in the call or can add to some story that you’re explaining, then it’s safe to say they’re hearing what you’re sharing and are interested.

They Make You Laugh

Laughing and making jokes over a call are some really great signs! Anybody who can help you relax and have fun on a first phone date is definitely somebody worth speaking to a second time around.

It’s Hard to Hang Up

A phone call that lasts longer than an hour proves you and your chatting partner have a LOT in common (or at least a LOT to talk about). If by the end of your call you find it tough to hang up, then set a date to talk again! Killer conversation is essential to any good relationship – so pick that phone up and dial.

You Want to Meet Him/Her

Phone dating can be tough to navigate, primarily because you’re not out with the person on a LIVE real world date. But, if you find yourself craving a meet up sans phone, then obviously a connection has been made! And it pretty much goes without saying – call number 2 is for sure in order.

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