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How to Ask Her on a Date

By January 17, 2015Dating Tips

Once upon a time, in the not so distant past, people had to muster up enough courage to walk up to a crush and ask for a date – IN PERSON. But thanks to the wonders of modern technology, these days the biggest worry in asking someone out is what meme she’ll find the funniest! Or what Instagram photo sums her up most perfectly! Or what text message will impress her the most! So if you have a lady crush you’ve been eyeing for a while now, then checkout how to ask her on a date below.

Over the Phone

You might think phone calls are reserved for talking to your parents, or like, the bank when you have a credit card problem, but there are some people who still totally appreciate getting them from friends! If you don’t have time to ask her on a date in person (or you just can’t stand the pressure) then a call is the next best thing. Go in knowing what you want to say and where you’d like to take her should she say yes!

Text the Question

Want to give her a moment or two to think about her response? Text messages are perfect for giving people the time they need to answer! Come up with a cute phrase or a funny quip to get the conversation going and when it feels right – pop the date question.

Insta/Facebook/Tweet Her

Shout her out on a funny photo or cool quote using Instagram, tweet out to your followers how lovely you think she is, or send a sweet message over Facebook! Whatever social media channel you choose, be sure to create a unique or humorous message when asking her that all-important question.

The Old Fashioned Way 

Put on a clean shirt, roll over to her place and ask the lady out in person! Show her that that old-fashioned charm actually ain’t dead, and you’re sure to be pleasantly surprised with her response. We love a gentleman who isn’t afraid to get personal.

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