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Here’s Why You Should Stop Comparing Your Relationship to Your Friends’

It’s easy to get caught up comparing relationships to your friends’ situations, but it’s SO not worth it! The comparison game won’t make you happy (it really just brings you further down) and it might even cause certain people to avoid hanging out with you altogether. You want to find true relationship bliss? It starts with giving yourself a break.

It Won’t Make You Happier

Constantly comparing your love life to other peoples’ is a recipe for emotional disaster! It doesn’t fix whatever struggles you’ve been facing and it certainly won’t make you feel any better about them. Positive conversations with friends about relationships are the way to go when it comes to achieving actual happiness.

Learn, Don’t Compare

There’s a big difference between learning from other people and comparing circumstances in an unhealthy way. Figure out what it is that seems so wonderful about your friends’ relationships and then aim to work that stuff into your own. Got a friend who always dates “the nicest guys”? Find out where she’s meeting these people, or what she looks for in a dating profile and put her advice into action.

EVERYONE Has Love Issues

You think your friends don’t experience problems in their relationships? Come on! Everyone’s got their own set of love issues (whether you hear about them or not), so before you go putting yourself down for failing to achieve relationship perfection remember that your pals deal with a lot of their own stuff too.

You’ll Become THAT Friend

You know, the one that can’t stop talking about how unfair it is that all of her relationships suck. No one likes a Negative Nancy. Avoid the label by keeping those comparisons and the complaining to a minimum.

You’re On Your Own Journey

It might be cheesy BUT it’s the total truth! You’ve got to believe in your own love journey if you ever want to see it reach it’s full potential. The goal is to take care of your heart by investing in quality people and allowing silly timelines (that you’ve made up by comparing relationships to other peoples’) to fall away. Your love life will get there when it gets there.

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