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5 Habits to Change for a Better Love Life

Whether your love life is going strong or feels like it’s hit rocky waters, there’s always room to improve your relationship or up your dating game. Maybe everything’s perfect except for when this happens, or you only ever argue when that happens. Whatever the case may be, why not make 2015 the year you banish bad habits and foster a stronger and more loving relationship? We’re here to help with today’s article: 5 habits to change for a better love life.

1. Say “Yes” More Often to Social Events

We get it. It can be really easy to make up an excuse as to why you can’t go somewhere or simply say “no” when asked to hit the town for a social event. But sometimes, you’ve got to push yourself to get out there and meet new people. All your closest friends were strangers at one time and you’ll never meet amazing new people if you don’t try. Start saying “yes” more often in 2015 and you’ll quickly see how many great new people you meet. Your next night out could lead to you meeting the love of your life – or at least a thrilling first date. You never know, and that’s half the fun of it all.

2. Stop Judging People before You Put in an Effort to Know Them

When you meet someone new, hear their voice profile or scroll through their “About Me” online do you start drawing conclusions straight away? Put in an effort to stop doing that in 2015 and to give more people fair chances to show you who they are and what it is they’re all about. A lackluster first date could be a total fluke and you might end up being absolutely perfect for each other. Again, you just never know, so give more people a chance this year.

3. Pick less Fights, and Fight More Fairly

If you’re already in a relationship, make an effort to initiate fewer arguments and to exercise fair arguing when you do disagree. Use “I feel” statements to avoid coming across as accusing and try not to get your back up when your partner shares constructive criticism with you. Your relationship is a partnership and there’s always room to grow, room to learn and room to improve on your bond. Let your love life bloom in 2015 by really thinking about why it is that you have arguments and how you can spin them into more positive, learning experiences.

4. Stop assuming that “Things will Just Work Out on Their Own”

We hear this one all the time and we can’t stress enough that if you want something, you have to do something. Life isn’t always fair and winning lottery tickets, perfect dates and soul mates don’t often get delivered on silver platters. So roll up your sleeves and get to work this year by making conscious efforts to meet new people, go on more dates and grow a love life you’ll be truly happy with. Step one? Call QuestChat and record your voice profile, of course!

5. Spend More Time Listening and Less Time Talking

Whether you’re out on a date or are sitting at home with someone you’ve been with for five years, you’ll be amazed and what you hear when you’re really listening. Make the decision to talk less and actively listen more when engaged in conversation. Nod and offer acknowledgement that the other person is speaking, and don’t forget to ask questions that continue the conversation throughout. You can learn a lot about another person, and yourself, by practicing active listening… and they’ll truly appreciate you giving them the chance to be heard.

Do you plan on working on your love life in 2015?

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