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Blog: What Guys Are Really Thinking When They Say…

blog-whatguysthinkWomen might be known for saying one thing when they really mean another, but men are just as guilty of playing that game! Want to learn to read between the lines and decipher what guys are really thinking? Below are a few samples of things you’ve probably heard him say – along with what he ACTUALLY means.

He says: “I’ll do it later.”

This is classic for “I don’t feel like doing that at all so I’ll just delay until you forget/do it without me.” You’ll often note that this response comes after you’ve asked him to clean something, take out the garbage, or help you with a decorating issue.

He says: “Of course I noticed your hair looks different, it looks great!”

No matter if this is a boyfriend, husband, brother, or father, no guy in the history of the world has ever noticed your new ‘do after a salon visit. You could take it personally, but the truth is dudes are just super bad when it comes to hair stuff. He probably thinks you look gorgeous so don’t be irritated with him for too long over this one. The lie at least proves he’s trying to be sweet.

He says: “I’m into the no-makeup look.”

He likes makeup, but he likes it to look natural. Maybe he’s not a huge fan of bold eyeshadows, brows and lips, but his idea of “no-makeup” still includes a flawless looking complexion and bright eyes, aka he’s into you wearing makeup.

He says: “I’ll be the only guy there? That’s cool.”

HAHA. It’s not cool. Like at all. What guy wants to hang out with you and all your girlfriends without some other dude there as salvation? While you all chat about how lame Juan Pablo is, your man is thinking of all the other things he could be doing with his own friends. If all the other guys dropped out of that evening’s plans let him off the hook too!


What’s one thing that confuses YOU about men? Share it in a comment!

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