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What Your Guy Tells His Friends About Your Relationship

Ladies use their girlfriends as soundboards for all of their relationship joys and struggles, so it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that guys turn to their friends for personal chats too! Their talks don’t get nearly as detailed (and they never last for more than 10 minutes), but they definitely happen. Want to know what they’re saying? Here’s the scoop:

Your Sex Life

Of course he talks to his friends about how much nookie he gets – this is the basis for why men love relationships! Is he always totally truthful about it? No way. Depending on the situation, and the friend that he’s talking to, lies definitely make their way into the sex conversation. But more often than not those lies are there to protect your bedroom’s privacy.

The Fights

If you’re sitting around with the ladies discussing last night’s fight, then you can pretty much guarantee he’ll be telling one of his man friends about it too! We all use our pals as a support group when necessary, so make peace with the fact that his buddies know all about how wretched you can be in an argument.

Your Favourite Things

Men look for all kinds of relationship advice from their buddies, and gift and date ideas are certainly no exception! If your man happens to be the person that someone is asking then expect him to talk about what you like as a reference point for his friend (this includes your love for designer bags and shoes, your distaste for extreme sports and your food preferences).

“Annoying” Struggles

Real talk – most men have no idea what they’re doing when it comes to their relationship. Keeping you happy is the ultimate goal, but successfully accomplishing that task is such a serious struggle! Who do they turn to when they need to talk about all of your annoying requests, quirks, demands, etc.? You guessed it — their friends.

His Feels on Your Fam

Your strange family and the amount of time you all are forced to spend with them definitely comes up in talks with his friends. If your mom is aging well, how close he is with your dad, how he REALLY feels about your weird older brother — it’s come up before in conversation. But you’ve done the same with your girlfriends, so can you really be that upset?

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