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A Guide to Phone Dating Etiquette

Learn How To Leave Messages

It’s not always an easy process to leave messages on a voicemail. You’re afraid you’ll come off corny and in other situations, you feel as if your message was a little too vague. What’s important is that when it comes to phone dating, you should be confident and straight to the point when leaving a voicemail. If you haven’t met the person yet, leave a friendly, “Hey! It’s <your name>. Just wanted to see how you were doing. Give me a call back when you can at <your number>.” Being concise with your voicemails, but also injecting a bit of warmth there shows the person you’re caring, but not overly needy.

Know When To Call

Don’t call them when it’s inappropriate! Inappropriate meaning 2 AM in the morning when they could be fast asleep or when you know they’re at a very important meaning. Knowing when to call is an important part of phone dating etiquette. It shows the other person that you’re considerate and thoughtful.

Don’t Get Too Personal

This is an important part of phone dating etiquette especially if you have just started talking to the person and haven’t met them face-to-face yet. Don’t get too personal with questions such as, “What was your first time like?” or anything that could set off the creep alarm. You wouldn’t want to scare away a potential partner with questions that are best saved for when you know the person better.

Stop Playing Hard To Get

It’s hard enough to go out into the dating world and find your perfect partner, but to play hard to get on a phone dating line is just downright unacceptable. There’s “too busy to return phone calls for a few days” and then there’s “not responding to you because I want you to think I have a life.” If you actually do have the time to respond to someone, please do so within a reasonable amount of time. Your partner’s sanity will thank you for that and you’ll find yourself establishing a connection that’s more honest and direct.

Be Patient

If they haven’t responded to your messages yet, don’t go leaving another 10 messages asking why they haven’t responded yet. Be patient! Phone dating can be tricky for some people and while others may not know how to approach responding to your message, others are just busy! Keep yourself busy and you’ll find yourself with a response in no time!

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