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Grab February by the…er..blahs!

By February 19, 2016Self-Improvement

Now that Valentine’s Day is over, however do we get through the rest of this miserable month? We’ve gone through our self-assessment, house-cleaning, wardrobe inspection and still we have the rest of February to deal with. Now is a good time to find some local activities to get involved with. We had a wonderful snowshoe hike through one of our local popular nature trails and it was just wonderful! Sure the cold air seared our lungs but laughing with others as we figured out how to navigate the terrain with ungainly snowshoes was hilarious and challenging, as well as giving us a much needed cardio workout. February is a good time to find some new interests. Whether you are already with the love of your life or are looking for them, making yourself the most interesting person you can be is always a good place to start. February is a great time to start volunteering as well. Too many people started out in January with all kinds of good intentions and then the cold weather totally puts them off by now. Be the pinch hitter and step up after they’ve dropped off. Be the hero that i know is inside you and commit to something you’ve always wanted to do. Teaching adults to read and write better through your local literacy program, volunteer to read to or play games with seniors, walk dogs or groom cats at your local shelter, be a Big Brother or Sister…the possibilities are plentiful. Nothing makes you more appealing to others as giving of yourself. It is very fulfilling and you become a better person full of self-love and goodwill. Imagine creating a profile for yourself on a dating site full of interesting details about yourself that are absolutely TRUE! you might be the most interesting person in the world! even without the Dos Equis!

here’s a link to help you get started. be th best you you can be and love yourself first. Only then will true love, the amazing kind we all dream of, happen for you!

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