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How to be a Good Wingwoman

By February 24, 2015Dating Tips


Part of being a great friend is knowing when and how to be a good wingwoman! Your single pals (girls or guys) deserve someone who will support and facilitate a lucky bar meeting with a stranger – not one who will block out their chances completely. Don’t think you’re wingwoman material just yet? No worries girl, we’ve got you covered on all the basics so that you never get accused of being in the way again!

Let the Conversation Live

If you notice that the chat between your friend and potential interest is starting to spark, then do your best to stop from interjecting. Play the shy gal for as long as needed, defer to your pal when appropriate, and hit the bathroom on your own instead of asking for her to accompany you – let that conversation have a chance to live, wingwoman!

Talk Them Up!

Don’t block the great time your friend is having with someone new – enhance it instead! Listen for places where you can be helpful in a conversation should they need it, and don’t forget to say a few nice things about your buddy to really push things over the edge. Talking up your friend shouldn’t be hard to do, remember to be genuine, and they’ll thank you forever for it.

Scope the Scene

You know your friend better than anyone, which means you totally know his or her type. Scan the room for potentials and then make some sly moves to set up a conversation. Once you see things taking off, remove yourself (as long as your pal feels comfortable) and go do your own thing. Solo wingwoman dance parties are just part of the territory.

Watch the Drinks

It’s not the most glamorous part of the gig, but when you take on the role of being wingwoman there’s a pretty good chance you’ll end up being left alone, watching the stuff. If you’re with a lady friend it’s almost guaranteed that at some point in the evening she’ll ask you to watch her drink and/or purse while her and her new date have a moment alone. Want to be the best? Offer to look after her things before she even has to ask!

Know When to Leave

Three’s a bit of a crowd don’t you think? Part of being a great wingwoman is knowing when to leave! So, tell your friend where you’re headed and then find a man of your own to talk to (or scope a spot to sit and sip) while your pal makes a connection. You’ll get all of the juicy details once they’ve had their fun, but the point here is to LET them.



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