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Blog: How to Be a Good Kisser…Because We Know You’re Wondering!

Blog-BetterKisserSo, you want to learn how to be a good kisser eh? Well, lucky for you we’ve rounded up our top tips! There’s no shame in wanting to up your kissing game… it’s totally normal and your partner will 100% thank you for your efforts. Read on to learn how to be a better kisser now!

1. Back to the Basics: Brush, Floss, Swish & Gloss!

Before you get to the actual kiss, it’s imperative that you’ve mastered the art of dental hygiene. Start by brushing your teeth and tongue, then move on to flossing. You don’t want a poppy seed from your breakfast bagel working its way out during a hot make out session – and neither does your partner!

Once you’ve brushed and floss, swish with some antiseptic mouth wash to keep your breath fresh for longer. We also recommend regularly moisturizing your lips with a lip balm. Bees wax lip balms are very moisturizing, contain mostly natural ingredients and won’t look shiny – so they’re a great option for guys not wanting to look like they’re wearing lip gloss.

2. Relax, Just Do It.

Tense lips never result in good kisses, so learn to RELAX. Your lips shouldn’t feel like they’re being strained. On the other hand, you don’t want to allow the bottom half of your face to go totally limp and be left with your jaw hanging open – find an easy medium and you’re sure to have a great experience.

3. Lean Into It

Always, always, ALWAYS lean in for the kiss. Remember that scene from Hitch where Will Smith instructs the guy on how far he should lean in? When you’re initiating, it’s safe to go in about 80% of the way and then let your partner come in the remaining 20%. That way you’re not being too forceful, but you are initiating the kiss and making your lips’ intentions clear. 😉

4. Start Slow and Go With the Flow

Never start a kiss by sticking your tongue out – it’s not a good look! Start slow and go with the flow. If your partner starts kissing more aggressively (and if you like it), then go with it. Otherwise, remember that it’s a partnership and that you’re not alone in the kiss. You don’t want to appear selfish or overly presumptuous.

5. Don’t Forget to Continue Breathing

If you get so wrapped up in the kiss that you forget to breathe and suddenly break to gasp for air, it’s probably going to kill the mood. Remember to breathe through your nose and take breaks if it’s getting so hot and heavy that you need to pull away for a second. Take that time to gaze into your partner’s eyes, smile at them and then resume.

Voila! You’re now a kissing pro. You can thank us later. 😉

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