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Blog: What Girls are Really Thinking When They Say “I’m Fine”

What I'm Fine MeansYou’ve heard it before. Your girl’s acting a little moody and you’ve asked the age-old question, “What’s wrong sweetie?” Your lady retorts with the worst-ever response, “I’m fine”. What’s a guy to do? How are you supposed to be able to fix the situation if she won’t just come out and tell you what’s wrong?! Well, this is what girls are really thinking when they say they’re fine. Hopefully it helps give you a little relationship guidance.

1. She really could be fine

Sometimes, a girl’s just feeling fine. Maybe her day wasn’t all that eventful. Maybe she’s just relaxing and enjoying some drama-free time. Or, maybe she just honestly feels fine. Unless she says it with a pout or angry face, we wouldn’t recommend pressing her too much. You  might end up making her angry or annoyed with you when she’s honestly just having an OK day.

2. It might have nothing to do with you

Believe it or not, girls have a TON going on in their day-to-day lives. If there really is something wrong, it might really have nothing to do with you! Sometimes, it’s really helpful to talk it out. Other times, it’s not so much. We’d recommend telling her that you’re there for her in case she needs to talk, but again – don’t press the girl. Maybe she stubbed her toe or shrunk her fave shirt in the wash. A lot can affect someone’s mood, so don’t automatically assume it’s you who’s the problem.

3. It might have everything to do with you

We’re sorry to say this, but there’s always the chance that her being “fine” has everything to do with you. If this is the case, we’re sorry, but you’re probably in for a bit of an argument. We’d recommend approaching the situation calmly and letting her know that you really do want to talk (NOT argue, just talk) and make the situation better. Sometimes it can be hard to bring up a tough subject or let your significant other know that something they’ve done is bothering you – so she could be trying to do you the favour of avoiding an argument by going the “fine” route.

Have you ever used the whole “I’m fine” bit to provoke your partner? Or, have you been on the opposite end and heard the response way too many times to count? Let us know in a comment! We love hearing your stories.

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