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5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Getting Back With Your Ex

By August 2, 2015Dating Tips

Happy short hair woman thinking and looking upSaying goodbye is never easy which is why millions of couples that breakup end up getting back together in time! But before you go re-igniting a burnt out flame make sure you ask yourself the how’s and why’s of making it work all over again.

 5. How Have They Changed?

It’s not enough that your ex has said that they’ve changed; it needs to be proven. And beyond that, you need to see for yourself just how they’ve actually done it! Did you break up because they cheated? Then you need to understand what would be different in the relationship if you gave it another shot. Words are great, but it’s their actions that speak the loudest.

 4. Do You Trust Them?

Getting back with your ex is a huge move, so before you go running back to one another it’s important to question the trust factor. Ask yourself whether the trust has been rebuilt yet or if it can be over time – if you’re still unsure then you should take more time before dating again.

 3. Are You Still Full Of Anger/Hurt?

There’s no point in getting back with your ex if you’re still angry with them. Working through emotions before reigniting the flame is mega important, otherwise the relationship is destined to break again. Stop pretending everything is okay and make sure that those hurt feelings on the initial breakup have fully healed.

2. Is It REALLY Worth It?

If you can honestly say to yourself that getting back together is the best call then you should totally go for it, but if there’s any doubt on that then it’s super important to re-evaluate. Do you think it’s truly worth trying again or do you just want your ex back because it’s comfortable? Your answer is everything.

 1. Are You Lonely?

Being single ain’t easy, but it can feel especially rough for those that are used to being in serious relationships! Re-starting a relationship with your ex partner won’t work out if you’re just acting out of a place of loneliness. Allow yourself time to work on the breakup issues (and maybe even date some new people) before you go reaching out to an old relationship for a second try.

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