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First Impressions Are Everything… Especially During a Phone Chat

By June 3, 2015Dating Tips


A first date in-person is one thing, but when it takes place over the phone there’s all kinds of other challenges to consider! In order to move things to the next level you’ll need to make a lasting and positive first impression on your chat partner, but how? By being yourself and employing a few of these techniques, we’re sure you’ll nail that first phone chat, no problem.

Use a Warm Tone of Voice

Nobody enjoys talking to someone who sounds miserable, so be sure that your tone of voice is making a great impression by smiling when you speak. The smile technique is used by everyone from voice over actors to radio broadcasters (so you know it’s gotta be good). It automatically makes you sound friendly and upbeat, which is exactly what you want when on a phone chat with somebody new.

Ask Questions

Just like on a first date in real life, the goal of a phone chat is to get to know your partner. What do you want to learn about them? Well, you’ll never find out if you don’t ask some questions! It’s great to share about yourself, your interests, and your goals, but be sure to ask some thoughtful follow-ups when you can. Your date will appreciate the reciprocation and you’ll come across as an awesome conversationalist.

Make Them Laugh

Let’s be honest: laughter pretty much solves everything! Most people cite a great sense of humor as a top quality in a partner, so if you really want to make a good impression get your chat partner laughing. Jokes, sarcasm, comments that get you both embracing the awkward moments associated with first dates – use whatever works to infuse the call with chuckles.

Talk Hobbies/Passions

A great way to figure out if you and your date have anything in common is to talk about the things you love. What are your hobbies? Passions? When you share what interests you it opens the door for your partner to share what they’re all about too (and that’s how conversations get flowing). Good conversation flow is the key to an awesome first impression!


The secret to making a great first impression (over the phone or otherwise) is to be friendly and genuine. Treat a phone date with the same respect and care that you would with any other hang and you’re sure to find success!


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