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First Date Turn-Offs for Every Woman

By July 15, 2015Dating Tips


If you want to guarantee a second date then you’ve got to nail the first one! But how do you succeed on a first date when you’re totally lost on what turns a woman on? By learning first and foremost what turns her off. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered on what NOT to do:

When You’re Cheap

Just because you’re on a first date doesn’t mean you have to spend a ton of cash to impress, but when you’re a total cheapskate prepare for the consequences. The likelihood of getting a second date with a woman that’s experienced your cheap tendencies are super slim because there’s no bigger turn-off than a guy pinching pennies on date night.

When You Talk About The Ex

Everyone’s got their relationship stories, but talking incessantly about how awful (or how great) your ex was is a huge no-no! A first date is a time to get to know somebody new, not drown everyone in conversations about the past. Keep stories about your old girlfriend/boyfriend to yourself when out on the first date if you want any hope of closing on a second one.

When You’re Too Forward

The last thing you want to do on a first date is offend your partner so keep those creepy comments about getting laid out of the conversation. Assuming that something sexual is going to happen at the end of your date night isn’t just presumptuous, it’s plain rude.

When You’re Rude To The Waiter

No matter where your date takes place be sure to showcase your very best behavior! When you’re rude to the waiter, barrister or popcorn counter kid it’s a massive turn-off (first date or not). People make judgements pretty quickly when they see someone giving attitude to those in the service industry, so watch it.

When You Suck At Conversation

Who wants to be on a date where they do ALL the talking? One-word answers and awkward conversation skills are a total turn-off for most women so it’s best to get your chatting game under control before you hit a date. If you’re not that great at conversing in person try practicing with a friend beforehand!

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