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First Date Ideas For June

By June 13, 2015Dating Tips

notepadGo to the Zoo

When the weather gets hotter, the animals are more active! Visit the local city zoo and be amazed by all the animals! This is a great first date idea for June because you can enjoy each other’s company with the animals. Try asking them which animals are their favourite and make it a point to bring them to their areas. Score!

Go Stargazing

What’s a better first date idea for June than going stargazing? This is especially great if you live outside the city because there are no pesky city lights to drown out the stars. Grab a couple blankets, some hot chocolate, and lie down to watch the stars. What’s even better if you can brush up on your anatomy skills and impress them with how many constellations you can point out.

Visit a Brewery (or a chocolate factory if you’re not old enough yet!)

Attending a brewery tour is one of the great first date ideas for June. Both of you will learn something new and even get to see if you have the same tastes in alcohol! A bonus is if you remember which ones they liked and surprise them on the next date by gifting them with it! If you’re not old enough to drink yet, attend a chocolate factory tour!

Cook Together & Go On a Picnic!

Continuing with our list for great first date ideas for June: cook together and go on a picnic! Each of you should bring 3 recipes for a 3 course meal. Cook portions just enough for the two of you and enjoy them outside while the weather is still great!

Watch an Outdoor Movie

Instead of watching the usual movie in the cinema, enjoy one from the comfort of your car or by sitting on the grass. Look at your local newspaper and there may be parks that sponsor outdoor movies or a place dedicated to outdoor movies. The new environment gives the classy movie date a fresh June twist!


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