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Blog: How To Find Local Singles On Your Business Trip

By August 25, 2014Dating Tips

Meeting new people is part of your career, but it always seems to be under work circumstances that you meet new people. While there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s good to give yourself a night off on your business trip and find local singles that introduce a new flavour to your business trip! Here’s where and how you can find them!

1) At the Club

Lose your worries at the club with a group of people who are looking to have fun. The music will drive you, so don’t even worry about having to come up with some cheesy pick-up line. If the music’s just right, you’ll find local singles being drawn to you and your dance moves.

2) At the Pub

Unwind at the local pub with a few drinks and you might find yourself sucked into a conversation with the locals going on about current events and gossip. This is a great and relaxed way to meet new people. Regulars at the pubs always are in the know of what’s happening.

3) At the Museum

Not into the party or bar scene? Visit the local museum in town. It may not be filled with high profile exhibitions but every place has its own story and the people who work there are more than likely to chat up a foreigner who’s interested in their local history.

4) At Local Events/Festivals

Especially important during summer, there’s bound to be an event that makes it easy for you to find local singles. Maybe you’ll find them at a cheese-wheel rolling contest or a hot dog eating contest! Getting engaged in the local events or festivals is a great way to find out what the society’s culture and norms are all about.

5) At the Airport

Got time for one last meeting? You can head over to the airport bar or shop around. The airport’s full of interesting people from different walks of life and you are no different. People forget that we all have stories to tell, so chat up a fellow passenger and you’ll find yourself exchanging life stories.

6) At The Business Seminars

Yes, yes, we’re trying to avoid the whole business part of the trip, but sometimes there can be multiple events going on at the place where your seminar is being held. What better way to find local singles than where you’re at right now? Bonus: you’re also in some of your best clothing, so looking snappy and fashionable won’t be a worry.

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