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Blog: How to Find a Healthy Balance Between Your Relationship and Your Friends


We’ve all had them: The friends who spend ALL of their time with a significant other and almost none of it with the rest of their social gang. Problem is, when you spend zero time nurturing friendships, you end up losing them (and if a breakup should happen with your partner, life could get lonely). Balancing friends and relationships can be a tough act, but there are simple ways to do it right!

1 Night a Week

It’s cool that you want to hang with your man all day, erry-day, but it’s important to make time for your girlfriends too! Besides, don’t you want to re-cap the latest Bachelorette episode with people who actually ENJOY talking about it? (read: your guy doesn’t). Set aside at least one night a week for friends, and take some initiative in making the plans. You’ll still get to spend tons of quality time with your partner, but you’ll also prove to your ladies that they rank high on the priority list as well.

Suggest a Group Outing

Call up your pals and make it a group night out! Whether you’ve got a bunch of other friends in relationships or not, going out together as a group can be a lot of fun – and makes balancing time with everyone SUPER easy. Just make sure that you’re actually spending equal time with people, and aren’t just tucked away in a corner with your lover. That definitely won’t go over well (and isn’t the point of a GROUP outing, like at all).

Split Up the Evening

This tip isn’t for those afraid of multi-tasking! Try doing dinner with your gal in the first part of the evening, then meet up with the boys for a late night drink or two – or switch it completely and end the night with your lady instead. Point is, you won’t end up having to sacrifice the time with your partner for a full guy’s night, and your friends won’t rag on you for never being around.


It’s amazing that you’ve found your true love, but think back to that single life you led and how awesome it was to have great pals by your side. Before your blissful partnership you were a friend, and that part of you shouldn’t stop just because you’re happy in relationship town. If someone calls for help or support or for a laugh or just to chat, be around (you’ll be glad you were)!

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