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Everything You Can Tell About a Man from His Relationship with His Mother

By December 13, 2014Dating Tips


A guy’s relationship with his mother is THE key to learning about the type of man he is and the type of boyfriend he’ll become – so study it, and study it well. You’ll learn whether he’s a gentleman, a hot head, a softie at heart or a total jerk, all from the interactions with his mama. Here’s what you can tell about a man from his relationship with his mother.

If He’s a Gentleman

Pay attention to see if he opens the door for her, waits as she sits at the table before he does, pays the bill when you all go to lunch, etc. These manners show that’s he’s been taught to act like a gentleman when with a lady, and you can thank his mama for that!

If He’s Generous

A man who gives to his family is a man you want as your lover! If you notice that when it comes to his mom, he’s generous with his home, wealth and time then you’ve caught yourself a good one.

If He’s Soft at Heart

He loves his mother and isn’t afraid to show it? Then he’s a softie at heart, of that much you can be guaranteed.

If He’s Respectful

Guys who raise their voice or fight often with their mothers aren’t bad people, but the ones who refrain from that kind of behaviour are more respectful. Period.

If He’s Appreciative

Bottom line – if he doesn’t seem to appreciate the things that his mother does or has done for him in the past, what makes you think that would change with a girlfriend?

If He’s a Man-Child 

A man who can’t make decisions in life without his mother’s approval is usually a man-child! It’s great to ask your parents for advice every so often, but being independent in making choices is part of being a grown up.

If He’s a Slob

If he treats his mama like his maid then you can bet he’ll look to you for all of the cleaning and cooking

If He’s a Romantic

Men who had nurturing and sensitive mothers end up taking on those same characteristics in smaller ways! He’s not afraid to shower his lady with a little bit of romance.

If He’ll Bad Mouth You

Does he talk poorly of his mother when she isn’t around? Everyone gets frustrated with their parents, but if he’s constantly talking badly about his mom then he wouldn’t think twice about doing the same to you.

If You’ll Measure Up

Any guy who puts his mom on a pedestal is a guy you need to be careful with, because the truth is you’ll never measure up to her. Some women are able to handle that cold hard truth, but for others it’s unbearable.





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