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Why Everyone SHOULD Have a Rebound

By July 31, 2015Dating Tips


Rebounds are a bad idea. At least, that’s the message that everyone keeps spreading; but when you really look at what rebounds provide, are they really that bad? Sometimes the very best way to heal after a break up is with nothing more than a fun distraction.

 It’s A Great Distraction

Just because you broke up with someone doesn’t mean you should be forced to sit around feeling sad forever! Most people agree that the easiest way to move on from the loneliness associated with breaking up is to find a good distraction, which usually comes in the form of somebody new.

Because You Still Deserve Some Fun

The real reason why everyone should have a rebound? Because they’re just plain fun! In a normal rebound situation there’s zero pressure, minimal emotional attachment and rarely any negative conversations (all important factors for someone coming from a fresh breakup).

A Self-Esteem Boost

Whether it was mutual or one-sided, nothing messes up a person’s self-esteem quite like a break up. If you really want to get back your mojo, why not try a rebound? Realizing that other people still find you attractive can seriously help boost confidence levels and might just be the thing that gets you on the road to heartbreak recovery.

Figure Out Your REAL Type

Your ex turned into your ex for a reason—he/she wasn’t the right one for you. Before getting back out into the dating scene again, it’s important to figure out what you’re actually looking for and there’s no better way to do that then by trying on someone different. Rebound with someone that feels against type if you want to learn a few new things about yourself!

Sex Therapy

Most rebounds are all about the sex and that’s because sex is known for being amazingly therapeutic. Seriously! All that pent up anger and frustration that lingers on after a break up is basically wasted energy that SHOULD be redirected towards something awesome. So, if you want to feel good again just do it.


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