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How To Escape The Friend Zone

By January 25, 2015Dating Tips

1) Be there for them during the toughest times.

Sure, as a friend, you’re probably already there as a shoulder to cry on, but if they’re really going through a tough time, be a constant presence in their life when they need you. The more you show them that you’ll stick with them during the good and bad, they may start seeing you in a different light.

2) Spend more one-on-one time with them in romantic settings.

If you’re always hanging out in group settings, how can you expect to leave the friend zone? Ask them out on a one-on-one date and try to do something that the both of you wouldn’t normally do in a group setting. Step it up and treat them to a fun activity, like the carnival or ice skating! The more alone time you spend with them, the more they’ll see how much girlfriend potential you have.

3) Stop being sweet and get real.

Most friend-zoned individuals end up in that area in the first place because they get treated like a doormat. Although the apple of your eye may not be intentionally treating you like a doormat, they’re more likely not treating you like the girlfriend you should be. We’re not saying be mean! But rather than be nice to them all the time, show your true colours. A potential partner appreciates someone who can be nice, but honest.

The more you can stand up for what you believe in or the more you can tell the truth to them straight up, the more realistic you’ll seem as a romantic partner.

4) Break the touch barrier.

One of the main differences between a friendship and relationship is how individuals interact with each other via touch. Let a hug last a bit longer, a sweet gaze linger, and a kiss on the cheek be more heartfelt.

5) Tell them how you feel.

If you’re really sure that the one you love has the potential to become something more, tell them how you feel. You may not want to dump the “L” word on them, but you can tell them that you’ve developed romantic feelings for them and want to see if they’ll give it a shot. This way of getting out of the friend zone may be the slap in the face they need to realize that you’re not just friend potential, but soul mate potential as well!

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