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Falling in Love on Vacation & How to Deal

By June 5, 2015Dating Tips


Going on vacation is usually a relaxing time, but when you throw falling in love, not lust, but pure falling in love into the mix, it can definitely spice things up a bit! But what happens when the vacation is over? Do you move on? Try to work it out? So much for a stress-free time! Here are 3 options you can choose from when you’re unsure of how to deal with falling in love on vacation.

Option 1: Try The Long Distance Relationship

If the two of you are up for it, try going with the long distance relationship option! Falling in love doesn’t have to end when the vacation’s over and with technology like Skype, Facebook, and other media platforms, it’s easier to deepen a relationship and still make it meaningful.


You won’t have to break ties off with your loved one and with the ease of technology, it’s so much easier keeping in touch. On top of that, if you’re the type who’s usually busy in your normal life, it’ll be easier to maintain a relationship if it’s all online. Hurrah for instant messaging and video voicemails!


That being said, technology doesn’t mean you can get lazy. Long distance relationships take as much effort as much as the conventional relationship, if not more. You’ll be missing out on the physical attraction that led the two of you to falling in love in the first place.

Option 2: Extend Your Vacation

If you can afford it and your partner can afford it too, why not extend the vacation? Take more time getting to know each other without the influence of the outside world!


A couple more weeks in paradise with the person you are falling in love with? Yes please! It’s a fantasy straight out of a Hollywood movie and this is your chance to have the best love story to tell when you come back to reality! Additionally, staying longer might be a positive thing for your relationship. If the two of you really hit it off beyond the vacation-phase, then you may just have found yourself a long lasting relationship!


Unfortunately, this may not a realistic option for many of us; especially those who have lingering responsibilities back home, such as paying rent or going back to a steady job. The same thing may go for your partner and you may find yourself more than empty handed when you finally decide to end the vacation.

Option 3: Move On

Not all good things come to an end, but this one might have to. Falling in love can sometimes lead to heartbreak, especially if the end of a vacation is what’s tearing the two of you apart.  You’ve weighed your options, you’ve said your goodbyes and you’ve had one more night of fun, but it’s time to head back to reality.


You’ll eventually move on. Life goes on and so will you. Getting back to your normal routine may feel like it’ll take longer than usual with a heartbreak looming over your head. However, you won’t have to worry about having to maintain a long distance relationship and can instead focus your energies on people closer to you!


You might end up missing them more than you expect and it’s killing you to be so far away from them. If it’s been longer than a few months and you still haven’t moved on, maybe try taking up a new hobby to distract yourself. Or if it’s really unbearable, try reaching out to them. See if you two still connect and pursue the possibility of trying the long distance.


If None Of These Work…

How about trying this… if the two of you really connect, but don’t want anything serious and at the same time, don’t want to let go… how about staying friends? Carry on your normal life, but keep them in your life. If you two are meant to be together, there may be a day and time when it’s the right opportunity for you two to commit and stay in the same country!


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